Our Story

Our Story

Newport Flag Company strives to continue a legacy of flagmaking in Newport that dates to 1975.

Established in 2016, Newport Flag Company was born from a chance encounter with an industrial sewing machine and the realization that the city’s last flagmaker had closed their doors for good a few years earlier. Given the confluence of national, military, and maritime histories embedded in Newport’s identity, there are few places with the concentration of people and organizations for whom a flag is such an integral expression of identity, heritage, and pride. With a base of loyalty and interest at our doorstep and, with Newport’s tradition of craftsmanship as an inspiration, the chance to carry forward the disappearing art form of sewn flags was too enticing to pass up.

    In the early stages of establishing the business, we had the great fortune to be introduced to Bert Duguay, the eventual owner of Ebenezer Flagg, who had originally gone to work for Leo Waring when Leo started Ebenezer in 1975 to make flags for the upcoming bicentennial.
    With his 40 years of flagmaking knowledge and experience, not to mention his many miles at a sewing machine, Bert’s input and guidance were invaluable. Bert remained a friend and partner until his passing in 2020 and we owe much of our continued success to his influence.

    Repairs, Returns, and Guarantees


    With normal wear and tear, every flag will sooner or later develop some loose ends and frayed edges (don’t we all!). We will gladly repair any flag – ours or someone else’s, that otherwise still has plenty of good days left in it.


    Please contact us to arrange drop-off or return shipping and, if possible, provide a description or photo of the condition of the flag.


    We guarantee every flag we make for life against poor workmanship or inferior materials. If you are not completely satisfied with the flag we’ve sent you – please send it back to so we can make it right.

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